Top-quality slate, certified by the main European institutions.

CE Mark

Our slate exceeds the quality levels required by EU legislation.

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ATG Certificate

Voluntary technical suitability study conducted by the Belgian UBAtc

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NF Certification

NF certification

Objective study of the quality, safety and performance of our Natural Slate.

LUZ 20 Slate

LUZ 25 Slate

LUZ 30 Slate

LUZ 40 Slate

LUZ 55 Slate

LUZ 60 Slate

LUZ 115 Slate


  • Water absorption | A1 (0.3%)
  • Thermal Cycles | T1
  • Exposure to S02 | S1
  • Certifications | CE, NF, ATG
  • CaCO3 carbon contents | < 1%
  • Non-carbonate carbon content | 0.45%
  • Longitudinal bending strength | > 64 Mpa
  • Transversal bending strength | > 55 Mpa

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Natural Slate

Our Natural Slate from Zamora is an exceptional product thanks to its technical and aesthetic characteristics

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We invest in research and development, incorporating improvements into our processes and products.

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We seek out the best ways to manage natural resources, demonstrating the greatest respect for the environment.