We are Pizarras LA LUZ, a young company staffed by a team with solid experience in the construction and natural slate sectors.

Our Philosophy

We focus on providing our customers with solutions, meeting their natural slate needs, and building strong long-term commercial relationships.

Producers and Specialists

Pizarras LA LUZ © carries out the entire slate production process, from the moment the stone is extracted until it reaches our customers, which allows us to thoroughly control the quality of our product.

Natural Slate

Our Natural Slate from Zamora is an exceptional product thanks to its technical and aesthetic characteristics

Our products

Opt for Quality

We offer the highest quality in our products and the service we provide our customers.

Reports and Tests

R & D

We invest in research and development, incorporating improvements into our processes and products.

Our company


We seek out the best ways to manage natural resources, demonstrating the greatest respect for the environment.

The Environment